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We Are Alter

Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the art of sampling and fine-tuning, ensuring that every product from Alter ranks among the best in terms of quality, presentation, attention to detail, and overall experience. When you support or make a purchase from Alter, you’re not just acquiring a product, but fostering our growth – a growth that, in turn, bolsters our community.

In a departure from traditional release methods, our products are unveiled in a narrative-like sequence of chapters, each revealing a new product. Accompanying this narrative, we also feature our limited edition Alter Drops.

Chapter One – The Caps

Chapter Two – Hoodies & Jumpers

Chapter Three – Awaiting Reveal

Alter Drops – These limited edition streetwear releases, each bearing a unique facet. They may be paired with additional tangible goods, exclusive services, collaborative features, or simply be a distinct, one-off release.

At Alter, we’re not just creating products, we’re crafting stories and experiences, uniquely tailored to our community.

Alter have a few NFTs, all with their own purpose so we will dive into the what, where, why below:

M&M (Chapter One, Misinformation and Manipulation) The OG you may say, this NFT has a variety of benefits such as: 

  • Profit share based on real business growth, distributed via ICX/bnUSD airdrops quarterly based on Alter profits that quarter.
  • Exclusive access to the refer & earn program, earn 10% commission per sale you generate.
  • 50% share of secondary sales, distribution will be alongside profit share distribution quarterly.
  • A share of future Alter NFT sales.
  • NFT derivative’s / Airdrops (including the future Alter crew sale). 
  • Access to exclusive streetwear drops.
  • More… 

Collection size: 300.

Alterian NFT badge, this badge was distributed for free to community members via events, giveaways etc. The benefits of this badge include:

  • Exclusive access to the Refer & Earn program, earn 5% commission per sale you generate.
  • Exchangeable for a free mint, Alter crew NFTs.
  • Future utilities in the Alter crew system.

Collection size: 444.

Alter streetwear NFTs, these are NFTs for our streetwear.

  • The main reason for these are to help verify and authenticate our products.
  • We may eventually make some of these tradable for metaverse wearable versions.

Collection size: Unlimited, however some streetwear drops may be limited.

Our current NFT collections are on the ICON blockchain and can be found on the Craft marketplace.

The Crews

The Crews, our multi-chain collection soon to debut on ICON, Sui, and two additional chains yet to be announced, symbolises a transformative step towards cultivating Alter as a robust, community-driven brand. This collection breaks new ground by empowering our community with unprecedented control over the collection’s value, fostering an innovative dynamic where the power is truly in the hands of the people.

More details can be found here:

The Physicals

How do we assure the authenticity of our products?

For our caps, we employ NFC tags programmed to correlate with the unique on-chain representation of each item, as shown in the accompanying video.

In the case of our hoodies and jumpers, QR codes serve as the link back to their on-chain collection, ensuring traceability and authenticity.

As we persistently seek to enhance our authentication and verification methods, we’re venturing into the integration of NFC tags into our hoodies and jumpers.

Why this pursuit?

Numerous reasons underpin our approach. While ensuring product authentication and ownership verification is paramount, we envision expanding beyond this. Our exploration extends to offering additional perks like exclusive event access and more.

Imagine procuring a limited-edition Alter collaboration with a club, which not only gives you an exclusive item but also a key to elite events hosted by the club, effectively turning your product/NFT into a VIP ticket.

As Alter prepares to stride into the metaverse, we’re considering the option of upgrading standard NFT versions to metaverse wearable NFT versions. This means your meta avatar could match your real-world style.

The possibilities are vast, and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface. The sheer potential in this space fuels our excitement and passion for the future.

The Community

Around the globe with Alter

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"Attention to detail in the Alter caps are amazing, right down to the back buckle, the moment you receive it, you can tell it is good quality."
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"Blown away from the moment the package arrived, it comes extremely well packed with a lovely plush carry bag and the hat is extremely good value for money."
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"Better than expected, I have paid over £100 for caps in the past and my Alter cap is the same quality as those caps if not better. fits well"
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"This Alter cap is the sexiest hat that i have ever owned. It has a sleek design and the materials it is made of are top notch. 10/10 would recommend!"

#WeAreAlter Times Square Takeover


The Genesis

The genesis of Alter traces back to the early days of 2021. The seed of the idea was meticulously nurtured through careful planning, extensive sampling, and diligent fine-tuning, ensuring the establishment of a robust foundation for Alter. We refrained from a hasty launch based on mere vision, instead committing to the process of creation and consolidation. This dedication to building a solid groundwork mirrors our core values and distinguishes our merchandise services. In essence, our foundational year was spent breathing life into our vision, aligning our commitment to what we stand for, and shaping Alter to stand out from the crowd.


The following is a broad sketch of our 2022 journey, spotlighting key milestones. Of course, this only scratches the surface of our activities – there was a wealth of behind-the-scenes endeavors and collaborations. In addition to these highlights, throughout the year we sponsored a range of events and orchestrated numerous giveaways, further cementing our commitment to our community and ethos.


-Community building.

-CPS proposal submitted and approved.

-More fine tuning after feedback from community.

-Interview with the iconist.

-Fine tuning the caps.

-Website creation.


-Adjustment with the NFT sale based on market condition and community vote.

-Interview with Eye On ICON.

-Started giving away the NFT Alterian badges.

-Received the first batch of caps and custom packaging.


-First Alter photoshoot.

-Chapter one NFT sale launched (Misinformation & Manipulation).

-Launch of the Alter caps and website.

-TikTok promo video made with a large content creator.

-Demonstration of Alter implementing NFC tags in the Alter caps in authenticate and verify ownership.

-The Redemption vision was announced.

-6 partnerships made and some designs made.


-Collaboration with ICON to release 100 caps.

-Chapter one NFT sale sold out.

-More partnerships made.

-“Find your style, Find your way” slogan created by a Mitch from the community.

-SEO and website improvements.

-Preparing the Chapter Two streetwear collection (Hoodies & Jumpers).

-Shared designs of the hoodies & Jumpers.

-The Redemption proposal didn’t get approved however we bounced back and partnered with FRAMD to bring it to life, The Redemption will be a joint Alter & FRAMD project.

-100 Caps distributed.



  • Launched Alter Chapter 2.
  • Launched Refer & Earn.
  • Launched the first Alter Drop
  • Launched ICON Merch store.
  • Announced NEAR Merch store.
  • Announced Multi-Chain Crews collection.
  • Finalised collaboration caps, launching April 24th.

Our current focus

Our current focus is: 

  1. The Crews collection.
  2. NEAR Merch store.
  3. Partnership merch.
  4. Alter chapter three streetwear.
  5. First profit distribution.

There is more being worked on behind the scenes such as a marketing plan that incorporates the refer & earn with a community approach and much more TBA.

We aim to complete the above points and more in Q2.

Beyond our current focus

Once we have achieved what we are currently focused on we then aim to:

  1.  The Redemption 
  2. More collaborations
  3. DAO creation 
There will also be other things added as we go along and as things come to fruition, other partnerships and advancement in the connection between physical and on-chain data.

The Links

Alter stores

Alter main streetwear site:

Blockchain stores powered by Alter:

  1. ICON Merch:

Partnership merch store: Coming soon.

Alter socials

Below is a list of blockchains, projects, brands and individuals that we are in collaboration with in some way, shape or form. From offering merchandise services to working on projects together. 

If you are interested in our services or partnering with Alter, please contact us below.

Code for crew3 below.