Step 1

Choose your Chain

ICON: The City Of Light.

Population: 1632 Crew members.

Welcome to the City of Light. This city serves as a haven for four diverse crews, each with golden hearts and living life with an admirable ease. Engulfed in the vividness of life, their relaxed and unhurried attitudes and only add to the allure of their individual paths.

Sui: The City Of Darkness.

Population: 1776 Crew members.

Welcome to the city of Darkness, Home to four unique Crews, whose intentions, at first glance, may not appear wholly pure. Yet, a deeper examination may reveal a method to the perceived madness, an underlying rationale that defines their seemingly complex actions.

TBA: The City Of Advancement.

Population: 1776 Crew members.

Welcome to the city of Advancement, this is a sanctuary for four distinguished Crews, each possessing an unparalleled mastery in knowledge, wisdom, and technological advancement. Their motivations transcend conventional notions of good and evil; they are propelled forward by a profound ambition and a purpose that extends beyond the ordinary realms of comprehension. 

TBA: The City Of Secrets.

Population: 1776 Crew members.

Welcome to the City of Secrets, governed by four unique Crews. To the rest of the factions, these Crews are shrouded in mystery, almost mythical in their existence, and are engaged in an endless battle to uphold equilibrium. This city pulsates with clandestine stories and whispered legends, as these four Crews tirelessly strive to preserve balance, protect our future and to preserve our past.

Step 2

Select your Crew

Inhabiting a diverse network of 16 distinct Crews (DAOs), four on each blockchain, you’re certain to discover a crew whose vision and ethos resonate with your own. No longer do you have to accept anything less than what you truly deserve. Embrace the opportunity, and leap into a Crew, where your aspirations and ideals find the perfect harmony.

Step 3

No-longer settle for less

Step into a realm where the concept of settling for less is a thing of the past. Here, you are invited to delve into a pool of infinite possibilities, each promising an enriching journey of discovery and growth. Each Crew boasts its own DAO equipped with tools and a treasury, boosted further by the collective Crews funding pool that gets distributed equally to all 16 Crews. This synergistic finance model equips your Crew with vital resources, fostering an environment full of opportunities.

A Crew backed by investments, a pool of knowledge constantly seeking investment opportunities in order to build a flourishing treasury to strengthen their Crews DAO and individual members.

A Crew driven by ambition to build and bring their vision to life. Pooling their knowledge and resources while utilising the DAO funding and service partners to build a business or more tooling to benefit their Crew members.

Perhaps your Crew values vibes above all, you choose to use the fund for IRL meet ups/ events/ parties etc, the only way to access these events is by holding this Crew’s NFT or via tickets with proceeds going back to the DAO.

A Crew made up of a mixture of professionals, this Crew shares their wisdom and knowledge with each-other, with the goal to help all Crew members grow both physically, financially and mentally.

Step 4

Level up & battle

As we witness the launch of The Crews on all four chains, an exciting new phase will emerge: the implementation of levelling and battling. These elements are integrated through the entirety of The Crew, requiring teamwork and cohesion for successful levelling and triumphant battles. Our unique model promotes a collective ambition, forging a robust community-driven dynamic that redefines the conventional approach, creating a vastly more engaging and collaborative experience.

Together you shall thrive and unlock rewards 


You’ve had a glimpse, a small taste of something extraordinary, leaving you yearning for more. Such curiosity is commendable and perfectly natural, after all, you are human. Whether you wish to delve into our comprehensive documentation, understand our vision, explore our white paper, or scrutinize our business plan, all you need to do is click.

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Crews Service Partners

Service partners are professional service providers that we trust and will offer their services to the Crews, helping bring your vision to life..

FRAMD- Professional development Services.

FRAMD are well known, with a few great projects under their belt and truly amazing ecosystem that they have and continue to build. They also offer a variety of development services, on and off chain.

We are proud to have them as our official development service partner.

Studio Mirai- Professional content creation.

Studio Mirai are well known for a lot of things and content creation is one of them, they offer high quality content creation as a service and have produced some amazing content.

We are proud to have them as our official development service partner.

Alter Partners

As a sign of appreciation to Alter partners, we will be creating rare traits based on them in The Crews collection. 


Alter is the brand/ project behind The Crews collection, If you wanted to dive deeper and learn about Alter, remember all it takes is a single click