Years of sampling to ensure we only offer the highest of quality. We want our products to last and we want you to feel the value the moment you receive an Alter package. We are building Alter to last, so making sure we are offering products that last, just made sense. 

Attention to detail

Our thought process is deep when it comes to the detail for Alter, from creating the designs and sampling, customised packaging and so much more that is yet to be revealed. Let’s just say we want to create a complete unique experience.

Verification & Authentication

 Each product comes with either a QR code or NFC which is used to authenticate the products.

NFC Tag: Products with an NFC tag are linked to the exact on-chain version. You are able to scan the tag with your phone in which it will reveal the on-chain version, if you opted in for the NFT when purchasing it will be the exact version linked to the products.

QR Code: Products with a QR code are linked to the on-chain collection, this will be the collection your product is from. 

Alter Certified Stores